Our Process

Not all projects are created equally.

Our process is built to adapt to your needs. We implement design strategies such as Design Thinking & Agile.

We listen to your needs

We’ll collaborate with you to define the scope of your project to fit your timeline and budget.

We understand your business, users, and technology

All of our engagements include a discovery phase in which we learn as much as possible about:

  • Your business — We strive to understand your business model, business strategy, and goals. We analyze your market and your competitors to understand your businesses’ positioning and opportunities for growth.
  • Your users — We get to know your users and their relationship with your business. We identify their mental models, roles, pain points to gather insights to improve the design of your website or app.
  • Your technology — We assess your technology stack to better understand your development process.

We design experiences that improve user engagement

We utilize the insights gathered during discovery to guide the design of your website and apps.

We implement user-centered design methodologies and best practices to inform design decisions.

We iterate designs based on feedback from real users.

We support your implementation by working alongside your development team

We can integrate ourselves seamlessly with existing development teams and are experienced with Agile methodologies.

We can also code & host your website internally.

We deliver quality web site, assets and documentation

We provide style guides at all component levels and workflow documentation to create a single source of truth for designs.

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